Ive been a customer of Rockys for over 10 years now and the guys have taken care of me very well. The workmanship and the quality is excellent. I recommended Rocky to all my friends and colleagues and I know all of them are very satsified. Thanks Rocky and keep up the good work.

Simon Waldron, Marketing Director
Mattel, Inc. California, USA

Every piece of clothing I get made by Rocky Brothers is like a piece of art. People will always comment on my clothing and when I tell them where I got ’em, they want to know more. I also get to create my own designs and they are so astute in recreating my ideas. My mom told me the other day that of all of the given.

Eddie Brill, Stand-up Comedian
New York, USA,

I have know Rocky and his firm for many years now and they have always provided great work in a timely fashion.

Anthony Kashuba, Senior Vice President
Allied World Assurance

Rocky and his team provide the best fabrics, skills and service of any tailor that I have experienced. After several suits and custom made shirts, each item has exceeded my expectations every time.

Garry Seven, Elvis Tribute Artist

I have had the pleasure of having Rocky as my tailor for over three years, and will not come to Hong Kong without visiting his shop. I travel frequently around the world on business, and I routinely get compliments on my suits and shirts which I readily share are all due to Rockys outstanding craftsmanship. I find the

Greg Weigel Chief Operating Officer
CEVA Logistics Texas, USA

I first met with the Rocky Brothers in 1994 when I attended a Cathay Pacific aviation security conference in Hong Kong. I was introduced to Rocky by an employee of Cathay Pacific who told me that I would never regret using their services. I bought two suits and some shirts and that was the start of a relationship, which

Nigel Godden Managing Director
Alpha Plus Security London, UK

Rocky has been my personal tailor for more than twelve years since the time that I lived in Hong Kong. Without exceptions, he makeI can only say that his service is excellent and the garments that he has created for me have been first class in quality, with surprisingly quick turn around times and at affordable prices.

Alan Ridley Head of Commercial Sponsorship Uefa
Nyon, Switzerland