A Guide to Ordering the Perfect Bespoke Wedding Suit

Like brides, grooms too have a bit of planning to do before the wedding. Deciding on a bespoke wedding suit should come close to the top of the planning list, not just because it’s pretty much the most important suit you’ll ever wear, but also because it needs a fair bit of time to be crafted.

To make sure you get the perfect tailor-made suit you want for the big day, here’s a brief guide to ordering it:

Choose a tailor who suits your style:

Your wedding shouldn’t just be the most important day of your life or the biggest day, it should also be one of your best-dressed days. Bespoke tailors in general and even the best tailors in Hong Kong vary significantly in their style of cut and style. This is quite important while deciding which bespoke tailor shop to entrust your suit too. Always settle for a tailor shop wherein people genuinely understand the style you are looking for. The initial research can simply be done by going through the websites of some of the best bespoke tailors in Hong Kong.

Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong

Book a scoping appointment:

Once you’ve found the custom tailor in Hong Kong you like the look of, book a scoping appointment to discuss the suit. Bringing images of a style you liked to the discussion, is a good idea. This is where you also talk about the finer details – the texture, and even the cloth options. All this would eventually allow you to understand whether or not you should select them as your bespoke tailor of choice.

Check cost and timescales:

If you find the initial chat fruitful, you should ask your bespoke tailor about the cost the job will entail and how long it might take. In general, the price of quality bespoke suits varies depending on the bespoke tailor, the location, materials involved, and the amount of work they’re equipped to handling. Timescales also vary widely and depend much on which bespoke tailor in Hong Kong you finally settled for.

Book the first fitting:

Choosing the cloth is often more difficult than you might think, and this is where the first sitting comes in handy. Go through the order options slowly as there’s much to consider before the final suit starts taking shape.

Make time for the second fitting:

While the first visit with the bespoke tailor shop allows them to check the fit of the rough baste of the cloth, on your second visit, you’d get to see the actual suit closer to be completed. Any or all final adjustments are made at this point.

The best tailors in Hong Kong take time to craft bespoke suits, and hence, it makes sense to get it sorted out early, more so if you’re tying the knot during the peak wedding months, as bespoke tailor shops get extremely busy in the run-up to the wedding months.