Bespoke Tailoring – Changing Your Demeanour

We are standing in an era where creating an “impression” is made by one’s exterior presentation.  So to bring the fresh fashion by breaking the monotony of middle age suits, bespoke tailor shop and tailored suits gained significant attention. Due to the growing desire for exquisite, unconventional and complicated garments, bespoke tailoring became the new premier occupation mostly in Hong Kong, the U.K., etc. Bespoke tailoring in Hong Kong achieved the spotlight after noted personalities like Bill Clinton, Margeret Thatcher, Prince Charles and Micheal Jackson made their suits and tuxedos stitched from custom tailors in Hong Kong.

Custom Tailor in Hong Kong

What is Bespoke Tailoring?

Bespoke tailoring is the process of creating custom made clothing by expert tailors based on individual preferences. Bespoke tailoring in the fashion arena is independently patterned and hand-crafted custom made clothing in contrast with conventional and mass-manufactured off-the-rack garments.

Why Bespoke Tailoring?

A classic bespoke tailor takes at least 20 measurements for an initial pattern. However, it is also a fact that some of the best tailors in Hong Kong take 25-30 measurements to create the perfect custom made outfits. Suits made by bespoke tailors are next to perfection as they take into consideration of every curve and contours of your physique. Every tailored suit created by bespoke tailors is a masterpiece and prodigy in itself as every suit is different from others. A perfectly tailor-made outfit will not only embosom your body perfectly but will also highlight the key features of your physique. Bespoke tailoring is the assemblage of modern contemporary style and finest craftsmanship.

Busting Bespoke Myths

Bespoke tailoring myths, that are prevalent among most of the people, are completely vague and have no validation in recent times. The biggest myth is the price-factor which leads to many deprived of their desire for finest fabric and updated fashion. However, it is not the case. Many bespoke custom tailors in Hong Kong create astonishing hand-sewn artistry, keeping in mind customers’ affordability. Also many believe that well-fitted clothes will bring discomfort for those you spend a whole day at the office. This is an unestablished fact because, on the contrary, loose fitted clothes don’t look appropriate in a corporate house. Taking into consideration of this factor, an expert bespoke tailor will not make you compromise your style for comfort.

So, if you are looking for a wardrobe transformation, tailored suits and other tailor-made outfit is a must-have to beat the humdrumness in fashion.